“Fiera del Rapulé” // October 18-19-20th 2019 @ Calosso (AT)

“Fiera del Rapulé” // October 18-19-20th 2019 @ Calosso (AT)

This famous festival takes its name from the ancient tradition of harvesting the latest grapes, named Rapulin ‘d San Martin in the local dialect.

On the third week end of October, when air is getting fresher and Autumn spread its warm and vivid colours across the countryside, the small village of Calosso livens up with this wine and food tasting, leading visitors to a fascinating journey throughout tasty flavours of typical dishes paired with great DOC and DOCG wines from the 25 local winemakers belonging to the Crota ‘d Calos Association. Background of the tastings are the “crotin” of Calosso (ancient tufo caves).

Learn more → https://fieradelrapule.it/il-programma/


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